Sunset over the Tucson Mountains from the Catalinas
November 22, 2016 by hot32spur in Nature 0 Comments

This was my first shot that really had a wow factor, and it came at the end of a day where everything had gone wrong. I first got into photography through hiking and backpacking. On this day I only had a camera about two months, and had gone up to Mt Lemmon to test out carrying a camera with all my other gear. The plan was to camp overnight, so I started with about 45 pounds of gear, food and water. This was in February so the trails were covered in snow and ice, and my gear was not working well with the camera. I decided early on to cancel the overnight, and wasn’t able to get to the spot I wanted to for the sunset. Driving down the mountain and returning home in defeat, I caught the rays of the sunset in front of the Tucson Mountains just as I was passing Windy Point. I quickly pulled over and had my camera set up on a tripod to capture this. Two years later it is still one of my best shots, which goes to show no matter how bad things are going, the next moment may be that great […]

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