A Lobby in the Corner of the Forest
December 31, 2018 by hot32spur in People 0 Comments

  “You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” —Winnie the Pooh I’ve commented before about photography restoring a sense of adventure in me, and I recently pursued that sense of adventure in earnest. I took off on a trip to Flagstaff , Arizona, for what was supposed to be 3 days of landscape and street photography. I could have stayed with my sister, but decided to exercise my wanderlust by staying at the Grand Canyon International Hostel. What a fortuitous decision that was, thanks to all of the amazing people I met in the hostel and the stories I will take with me for the rest of my life. I had the opportunity to meet Frank Mand, a former journalist who is walking across the country to raise money and awareness for the Plymouth Taskforce for the Homeless. You can read his story and donate to his cause here https://www.crowdrise.com/walkinghome/fundraiser/frankmand?fbclid=IwAR3PtLHfnDus-cC31FgWuKf5laXgd93IyGloni8D2TPzDAfsvRCE4PAyEnc One afternoon I was trying to get in a nap but was kept awake by the sound of an accordion (impossible to sleep through the sound of an accordion BTW). Instead of lamenting my lack […]

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Addition by Subtraction
February 19, 2018 by hot32spur in People 0 Comments

A curious set of events happened in the last week which helped drive home an important aspect of photography for me. I was talking to my friend and mentor Scott Griessel and he explained to me the difference between painting and photography. Painting is a process of addition. The artist starts with a blank canvas and adds only the layers and details he or she wants to be in the final piece. In photography, it is usually, but not always, the opposite. The photographer often arrives on scenes fully formed, and has to decide which details and aspects to focus in on, and at the same time is deciding to remove everything else. We manage the final image as much but what is left out as by what is included. A couple days after this conversation, I was reminded of what Scott had said when my friend and incredibly talented model Natasha Marie Rogerson changed her Facebook profile picture to a photo from me from my first photo walk with Tucson Aspiring Professional Photographers.  I had just bought my first DSLR and started in photography a couple months before the photo walk, and this my first time working with a […]

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“Your Eye Is weird”
February 8, 2018 by hot32spur in People 0 Comments

Instead of me talking, I thought I’d let a friend talk for herself.   “Are you cross-eyed?” “Your eye is weird–what’s wrong with it?” “You have a bird-beak nose.” “Why is your eye going all over the place? It’s really weird…” I’ve heard it all. The bullying got so bad at times, that it started to make me resent myself. And I was at a low for a long time. Crooked eye, crooked nose–I’m a crooked person. But aren’t we all? It took me a long time to come to love my body and all of its imperfections. Modeling has given me the healing that I needed and smoothed out the scars I’ve gotten from being taunted, teased, bullied, and ridiculed for my differences that my genes have gifted me. To all my bullies of old: Thank you. Because if you hadn’t said/done such cruel things to me, then I never would have become the woman that I love today. The emotional hardships you put me through have made me strong and I will forever be grateful to you. To all who feel lost because of bullying: I hear you. I am here for you. I stand with you. Don’t […]

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Woman Walking Her Dog
January 8, 2018 by hot32spur in People 0 Comments

Tucson has a thriving art community, especially for photographers. Created by Justin Haugen, Tucson Aspiring Professional Photographers is a Facebook group that has been uniting local photogs to learn from and be inspired by each other.  We often put on “photo walks” where we meet to practice and exchange ideas and techniques. I was at one of these photo walks in Downtown Tucson , working with one model and another photographer when I saw this woman across the street walking her dog. Nothing exceptional, the kind of thing you see hundreds if not thousands of times in a city. But something about the location, and the eagerness of the little dog, and the way the woman was holding the leash, all caught my eye. This is in my personal top five, but I can’t explain why I love this image so much. There may be a technical reason why I find it pleasing. The negative space of the blank wall draws attention to the subject in a way that blah blah blah. I don’t care. I just really love this picture. Or maybe it reminds me of my childhood dog.

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Augusta Sax Player
November 22, 2016 by hot32spur in People 0 Comments

This was one of my early favorites. I was in Augusta Georgia for two months doing Army training. I wanted to work on street photography so I was bringing my camera with me everywhere. One night on Broad Street I saw this guy playing his sax. There wasn’t anyone around him, the only other person on the street was a doorman for a bar up the way. I’m sure this guy was out there to make money, and I gave him a dollar for letting me get s hot of him, but really he was just out there doing something he loved to do. And that is something we can all aspire to do. Technically, this isn’t a great image. Too much noise, white balance is an issue with all the mixed lighting. But sometimes the technical stuff isn’t important. As long as we’re out there doing the things we love to do.

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