Augusta Sax Player

November 22, 2016 by hot32spur in People
Augusta Sax Player

This was one of my early favorites. I was in Augusta Georgia for two months doing Army training. I wanted to work on street photography so I was bringing my camera with me everywhere. One night on Broad Street I saw this guy playing his sax. There wasn’t anyone around him, the only other person on the street was a doorman for a bar up the way. I’m sure this guy was out there to make money, and I gave him a dollar for letting me get s hot of him, but really he was just out there doing something he loved to do. And that is something we can all aspire to do. Technically, this isn’t a great image. Too much noise, white balance is an issue with all the mixed lighting. But sometimes the technical stuff isn’t important. As long as we’re out there doing the things we love to do.

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