Colombian Adventure

November 22, 2016 by hot32spur in Travel
Colombian Adventure

One thing photography has done for me is re kindle my sense for adventure. Right after I got my first DSLR I went on a road trip to Santa Monica. Then another one all over Arizona, Utah and Las Vegas. And if that wasn’t enough, I booked myself a little excursion to Colombia. This shot is from La Manuela Hacienda ruins near Guatape, Colombia. It was Pablo Escobar’s pool at his vacation home. Now, the home is a tourist site and paintball park. Yes, where the most wanted man in the world once lived you can now hold paintball matches.

I was overwhelmed by the resiliency of the Colombian people, particularly in Medellin. It was once the most dangerous city in the world, and most people outside of Colombia still have that view of it. I look forward to return to Medellin, and hope to help the people there spread the message that the city has changed. It is such a wonderful to place to visit. I am beginning work on a documentary on how much Medellin has changed, and aspire to be the go to photographer for destination weddings in Medellin.

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