Absolut Setup

November 22, 2016 by hot32spur in Objects
Absolut Setup

This was a fun shot for me to do. It started on a Sunday morning watching photography tutorials on YouTube. I watched one from The Slanted Lens about dropping ice in a glass and decided to try it in my kitchen. On the video, they used a machine to drop the ice and a motion trigger to time the camera and the flash. I decided to do a martini shot with an olive instead of the ice, and had to drop the olive by hand and use a remote to triggger the camera. It took about 30 times of dropping the olive, getting the shot, checking it on the screen, then wiping down all the water to set up for the next attempt to get everything just right. It also turned out to be pretty difficult to find a martini glass on a Sunday, but after 4 stores I found one. This was the first time I embraced a technical challenge and worked it all the way through to get a nice shot. Below is the setup I used for this shot.

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