“Your Eye Is weird”

February 8, 2018 by hot32spur in People
“Your Eye Is weird”

Instead of me talking, I thought I’d let a friend talk for herself.


“Are you cross-eyed?”
“Your eye is weird–what’s wrong with it?”
“You have a bird-beak nose.”
“Why is your eye going all over the place? It’s really weird…”

I’ve heard it all.

The bullying got so bad at times, that it started to make me resent myself. And I was at a low for a long time. Crooked eye, crooked nose–I’m a crooked person. But aren’t we all?

It took me a long time to come to love my body and all of its imperfections. Modeling has given me the healing that I needed and smoothed out the scars I’ve gotten from being taunted, teased, bullied, and ridiculed for my differences that my genes have gifted me.

To all my bullies of old: Thank you. Because if you hadn’t said/done such cruel things to me, then I never would have become the woman that I love today. The emotional hardships you put me through have made me strong and I will forever be grateful to you.

To all who feel lost because of bullying: I hear you. I am here for you. I stand with you. Don’t give up on your dreams. If someone tells you that you cannot do that which you dream because of how odd or different you are, ignore the hate. Do what makes you happy and pursue those dreams.”

Amanda Carter

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